September 2016

August 2016

Why Breakfast is Important

You’ve heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Grandma’s say it, schools say it, doctors say it; everybody says it! But nobody explains why it is important… Until now that is. Prepping for the Day Breakfast is typically the first meal of the day. It is very important because you [...]

South Bay’s Best

Daily Breeze hosted the Daily Breeze Reader’s Choice, where readers got to vote for their favorite spots in the South Bay. There were tons of things to vote for, like favorite Thai restaurant, favorite buffet, and so many more. Daily Breeze was on a mission to find South Bay’s Best. It’s no surprise that we [...]

Wine Wednesdays are here!

Wine Wednesdays are here! Every Wednesday in Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach, you can get all of your favorite wines for half-price. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about the wines we serve, check it out! Happy Hour Wine It’s Happy Hour every hour, with Happy Hour wine! Based in Palos [...]

July 2016

Inside Good Stuff El Segundo

We have been serving delicious and healthy food in El Segundo for over 37 years. Recently, El Segundo TV did a profile on us. Watch Business Matters! - Good Stuff video. Inside Good Stuff El Segundo Catherine Chen, a reporter with El Segundo TV, stopped by Good Stuff to get the inside scoop. Cris began talking about why [...]

June 2016

Olympic Day 2016

Did you know that Olympic Day is on June 18th? Come celebrate with us and Ice Chalet! In Honor of Olympic Day, Promenade Ice Chalet will be hosting an Olympic Day Celebration. Olympic Day 2016 This is a FREE event for all ages. The event will feature entertainment, such as Princess Elsa and Captain America! There [...]

April 2016

Good Stuff’s Best Wraps

Good Stuff is known for our fresh and delicious meals. Our wraps are some of the great food we offer. They’re amazing for all times of the day, and totally satisfying. They’re so amazing that we wrote an informational post about how great they are. Check out Good Stuff's Best Wraps. Breakfast Wrap We have [...]