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El Segundo is a very friendly place. With local events, historic buildings, and great business, there are tons of aspects of this city. Commerce and community are pillars of El Segundo. With meetings constantly happening, it’s no wonder Good Stuff is so popular. We serve healthy food all morning and afternoon, providing a place for meetings.

El Segundo Activities

Let’s say you’re in town for a meeting, but want to find other fun things to do in El Segundo. We’ve made a list just for you.

  • Automobile Driving Museum. Located right next to LAX, this museum has a large luxury car collection. All of the cars are available for viewing. Rides are given in the antique cars on Sundays, for a more interactive experience. This is a perfect activity to do during a layover at LAX. If you’re into cars or just like the way they look, this museum promises a fun day.
  • The Lakes at El Segundo. This executive golf course is located right near Good Stuff, and offers nine holes. Although business meetings take place here, the Lakes is a fun way to work on your golf game, or enjoy a nice afternoon.
  • Old Town Music Hall. This old time theater is a great place to experience entertainment of the past. With a hundred year old piano and fun shorts, Old Town Music Hall is a great place to spend an evening.
  • ArcLight Beach Cities. In contrast to Old Town Music Hall, ArcLight is a modern theater. They show all the new movies in style and comfort. With 16 screens, it’s no wonder why people love this theater.

Good Stuff

Our iconic lifeguard tower is located on the corner of Grand and Richmond. Business meetings are frequently held in our restaurant, over healthy meal choices. Many customers come in and grab a bite to eat on the way to and from the airport. Being just 10 minutes south of the airport, it’s no wonder people stop by. Our friendly service and delicious food makes Good Stuff El Segundo the perfect place to relax in.