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Hermosa Beach

Our Hermosa Beach location has been a part of the community for decades. Located right on The Strand, we have been serving appetizing food and friendly faces since 1979. Being on the Strand, this spot is a perfect way to enjoy breakfast and the ocean at the same time.

Hermosa Beach Activities

What else is there to do in Hermosa besides enjoying an amazing meal at Good Stuff? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do.

  • Pier Avenue. This street is packed with cute boutiques and shops. Get a massage, some new clothes, a book, or fun home decor, all on the same street. The best part? Being able to see the ocean the whole time.
  • Hermosa Pier. The pier takes you out 1,000 feet into the ocean. There is fishing, photo opportunities, and the ability to watch the waves from start to finish. The best time to go is sunset, where you get a front-row seat to seeing the sun set over the water.
  • The Strand. Also known as Marvin Braude Bike Trail, this street borders the sand and goes on for 22 miles. Beginning in Torrance, this path ends at the Pacific Palisades. Many people walk, run, skate, or bike along this path. No matter how you go down this path, there is beautiful scenery. Just remember sunscreen!
  • Veteran’s Parkway. This 1.5 mile trail is dog-friendly and perfect for a quick jog. The trees and foliage help create a cooler temperature in the hot summer months.
  • There are photo opportunities nearly everywhere in Hermosa Beach. Grab a couple friends and a camera, and just snap photos. From the pier to the trails, there are many different scenes.

Good Stuff in Hermosa

We’ve been in Hermosa Beach for a long time. As a part of the community, we offer a great place to eat healthy foods. If you haven’t been to our Hermosa Beach restaurant, try it out. We will be happy to see you.